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Stable Home Ownership in a Turbulent Economy

Source: The Lincoln Institute, by Emily Thaden, July 2011 This is a recent study done by the Lincoln Institute on foreclosure rates for homeowners in Community Land Trusts, like the Champlain Housing Trust, etc. According to the study, only 1.30% of CLT homeowners compared to 8.57% conventional market owners were in foreclosure at the end of 2010. This study highlights the success of these programs and how important they have been to our communities. It also shows how our public dollars are being used extremely efficiently. Please find the introduction below, and a link to download the PDF. “The study examined mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates among the owner-occupants of resale-restricted houses and condominiums in community land trusts (CLTs) across the United States and compared CLT results to rates of delinquency and foreclosure among the owner-occupants of conventional market-rate housing reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Delinquency Survey (MBA). The study also explored practices and policies of CLTs that may help to explain their better performance.” Click here for PDF of report: Stable Home Ownership in a Turbulent Economy

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