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Save the date: Housing/wages report release event

Source: Housing Matters Blog, April 6, 2011, Craig Bailey VHFA will release the 2011 update of “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Housing and Wages in Vermont” at a press event Thursday, April 21 at 12 noon, in the Statehouse’s Cedar Creek Room. The 2011 update is the 10th edition of the annual report first published in 2002. It will show, despite a long-term recession, that rental prices have continued to escalate making the gap between Vermonters’ wages and their cost of housing larger. Furthermore, the future of Vermont’s affordable housing is in jeopardy as federal subsidies are set to expire, and pressure grows to reduce national debt by cutting the federal budget. Scheduled to speak at the April 21 event:

  1. Sen. Vincent Illuzzi Chair; Committee of Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs

  2. Rep. Helen Head Chair; Committee of General, Housing and Military Affairs

  3. Sec. Lawrence Miller Secretary, Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

  4. Sarah Carpenter Executive Director, Vermont Housing Finance Agency

Hardcopies of the report will be available at the event.

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