Rutland Turns Public Housing into Community Asset

Forest Park, with 75 apartments, was one of Rutland’s largest public housing projects. It was built in 1971 and looked it. Recently though, the project has turned from eyesore to asset after undergoing a $22 million. Previously only accessible via an access road, developers chose to move a city street in order to make it more accessible.

The redevelopment has come in stages, with 33 units completed in 2011 and 23 in 2015, while construction of the final 22 units began only this month. Rents vary from about $100 a month up to about $800 a month. All the units are full, and there’s currently a six-to-nine-month waiting list.

In the final phase of the project, developers have reserved six units for families who have experiences homelessness, acknowledging Rutland’s problems with addressing homelessness. The complex is overseen by the Rutland Housing Authority.

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