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More Flooding News/Follow-up

Source: Times Argus, 6/7/11, by David Delcore “BERLIN — Exasperated residents of a flood-ravaged mobile home park that more than lived up to its name — River Run — late last month turned to their Select Board for answers on Monday only to be told there aren’t many, if any, just yet. “At this point there has been no decision whether to reopen (the park), or what the future holds for that property,” Town Administrator Jeff Schulz told nearly 20 residents — only a handful of whom are still able to occupy their mobile homes in the wake of storm-induced flooding. According to Schulz, the mobile home park is currently the subject of assessment at the federal, state and local levels, and, until further notice, an emergency health order issued by the town in the wake of the flood will remain in effect. For all practical purposes, Schulz said, that order prohibits occupancy of most of the park’s 35 mobile homes, including 22 that were deemed “destroyed” by an inspection team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that toured the property last week…” Full Story: Berlin Select Board: Few answers for flooded mobile home owners

Source:, 6/2/11, by Jennifer Reading “More heartbreak in Barre Thursday night. Some families hit hard by flooding — are now dealing with fire. Two apartment houses went up in flames. The residents — homeless again. Olin Buska’s home was destroyed, “I got a frantic call from my daughter saying dad the house is on fire.” Olin Buska — used to live in this apartment building in Graniteville — a village in Barre Town. He and his family — and at least a dozen others — are now homeless. “I don’t have a lot but everything I had was in there. But my main concern is I’m glad my family is safe. That’s the biggest thing for me,” Buska said. The fire department says the blaze started around 5:30 p.m. in what used to be a garage nestled between these two burnt out buildings. Residents were evacuated and fortunately no one was hurt…” Full Story/Video: Families already dealing with flooding, lose homes in fire

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