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Manchester affordable housing moves forward

Manchester, Vermont – December 18, 2011 Manchester, Vermont has always been a hot spot for vacationers and second home owners but a new initiative aims to make living in Manchester more attainable for first time homeowners. Nail by nail, members of the Manchester community are volunteering their time and creating new opportunity for a local family. “The concept of housing being affordable has been a huge issue in this community for many years,” said Lee Krohn, Manchester’s Town Planner. In Manchester, where the average home price is over 400-thousand dollars, many who work in the town can’t afford to live there “Our goal is to live, work, send your kids to school — all in Manchester,” said John O’Keefe, Manchester’s Town Manager. “We don’t feel that the jobs that we attract should allow you to work in Manchester but have to live somewhere else.” And thanks to Habitat for Humanity, 22 new homes will be constructed completley by volunteers in a neighborhood that will meet state requirements for planned affordable housing developments. The one being built now is the first home of what will be the largest Habitat community in New England … Link to Full Story PDF of Article

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