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Lamoille Housing Partnership Buys VerMod Energy Efficient Home

The Lamoille Housing Partnership in Morrisville announced this week that a second energy efficient home was installed last week at Evergreen Manor Mobile Home Park in Hardwick, having been purchased directly by the partnership. The prefabricated, 2-bedroom home features ultra thick walls and special windows, and promotes energy savings of over 65%, when compared to other homes. It is made by “VerMod”, a specialty manufacturer of homes of this type. Designed and made in Vermont, the Wilder-based, private construction company emphasizes homes that use ‘net zero’ energy. VerMod President Steve Davis said this is achieved through unique heating systems, roof-top solar panels, and super efficient appliances. The Lamoille Housing Partnership, in collaboration with Alliance Property Management, will be renting out the new home to a family, individual or couple in need of cost-sensitive, secure housing. The main goal of LHP is to increase the supply of quality, affordable housing in Vermont. The Morrisville office, headed by Executive Director Jim Lovinsky, services all of Lamoille County, and the town of Hardwick. For more information, please visit the website at:

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