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HUD "Huddle" With Grantees

As part of the Multifamily for Tomorrow Transformation, HUD’s Boston Satellite Office and the Northeast Region now have designated Grants Specialists overseeing their grant programs. In order to get acquainted with you and address your questions, HUD is inviting program participants in the New England states to their Huddle with Grantees.  The Huddle is designed for clients working with Resident Services Coordinator [RSC], Congregate Housing Services Program [CHSP], or Assisted Living Conversion Program [ALCP] grants, or for clients that have budget-funded RSCs. Note that Resident Services Coordinators in Public Housing have somewhat different program guidance, which will not be adressed at this training.  Applicants for the Social Services Demonstration grants are welcome to attend.  In addition to meeting the Grant Specialists and field leadership in HUD, staff will provide guidance on important grant related topics to make your work with RSCs easier, such current vouchering requirements, LOCCS access, how to increase RSC hours and funding, and report preparation.  The training will conclude with a question and answer session. The Huddle will take place on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 from 10 AM- 12 noon at the Thomas P. O’Neill Jr., Federal Building Auditorium, 10 Causeway Street, 1st floor, Boston, MA. To register for in person attendance, in the Boston office, please send an email including your name, contact information, company, and the name of the HUD project(s) you service, and any grant-related questions you would like answered, and/or topics you’d like covered, to, and  Space is limited, so please reserve your place as soon as possible. 

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