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Housing Replacement Funds: RFP

The State of Vermont through the Agency of Human Services (AHS), Economic Services Division is seeking non-profit community agencies to implement a program to prevent and resolve homelessness. The program will be funded through the General and Emergency Assistance Program funds. The goal of the program is to resolve homelessness for as many Vermonters living homeless or at-risk of losing their housing as possible through an integrated approach working collaboratively with all interested community partners using a comprehensive local plan.   Additionally through case management and service coordination, the program will improve the health outcomes and the quality of life for uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid-eligible individuals in Vermont by stabilizing housing and providing referrals to needed services, including application assistance for health care programs. This RFP is not intended to deal with all aspects of homelessness and cannot be used for additional shelter beds in a community. Funds will be allocated locally as indicated in Attachment B, based on recent historical General and Emergency Assistance expenditures on homelessness prevention and temporary housing in each AHS district.  Bidders wishing to propose services in addition to those listed in this RFP should pose them as Options and clearly define the costs associated with each option. ESD will withhold a percentage of funding to make adjustments by district or region during the year based on changes in the trend or major economic changes (such as unemployment) in an area. ESD will also allocate funds to ensure use of the Homelessness Management Information Systems (HMIS) for all successful bidders, as needed. ESD will make quarterly payments to contractors. ESD reserves the right to re-distribute funds in the last quarter of the funding period based on utilization and need trends. Full Request For Funding Information

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