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Housing: Fair, Safe, Affordable: Burlington's Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance

Ted Wimpey, Director of CVOEO’s Fair Housing Project is joined by East District City Councilor Selene Colburn who serves as Chair of the Burlington Council’s Community Development and Neighborhood Revitalizatoin (CDNR) Committee. Ted and Selene provide a history, overview and purpose for the ordinance, and speak to the current process leading to a pending consultant’s review of the ordinance as recommended by the Burlington Housing Action Plan. A Request for Proposal drafted by the City’s Community and Economic Development Office, and the Mayor’s Office, for solicitation of prospective consultant bids is under review by the CDNR committee. To view the program, view the embedded video below, click here, or tune into Channel 17 at 3:00pm on Monday March 21st, 28th, or April 4th.


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