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House Advances Bill Designed To Boost Consumer Protection

“(Host) The House has given preliminary approval to a bill that advocates say will provide better protection to consumers. Proponents of the bill say state government needs to do a better job policing on behalf of consumers in an age when electronic communications make fraud even easier. Representative Mike Marcotte of Newport says that was the inspiration for the bill. (Marcotte) “Your House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development is very serious about protecting our Vermont consumers, both individuals and businesses, from unscrupulous business practices from inside and outside, and mostly outside, our state.” (Host) The House proposal requires greater disclosure of charges that sometimes appear on consumers’ bills without explanation. It also requires that consumers are notified more frequently of ongoing or occasional charges And the legislation also clarifies what is required of companies when there is a security breach of private personal information. The bill advanced this morning on a voice vote and is due for a final vote tomorrow.”

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