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HOME Coalition Sign On Letter – Deadline TOMORROW Friday, July 24

If you haven’t done so already, please sign onto a national letter supporting the HOME Program. As you may know, the Senate Appropriations Committee T-HUD bill virtually eliminates HOME by cutting it down to $66 million – a shocking 93% cut. The House bill provides only $767 million for HOME and also contains a highly objectionable transfer that essentially eliminates the National Housing Trust Fund—the first new housing resource since the early 1990’s—in an attempt to bring HOME up to last year’s record low $900 million level. All this comes on top of the 50% cut the program already has already sustained since 2010, when its funding was at $1.8 million. We all know how important HOME is for developing new, and rehabbing existing, rental housing. It helps seniors, people with disabilities, low-income families with children, veterans and people experiencing homelessness access safe, decent, and affordable housing. Under the Senate bill, Vermont stands to lose $3.25 million, the six New England states a total of $52.5 million. With a 1% rental vacancy rate statewide and persistent homelessness among families with children, youth and single adults, Vermont cannot afford these drastic cuts. Without HOME, our affordable housing production will slow further and homelessness will once again increase. This letter from the HOME Coalition has been circulated widely by several national networks, but if you haven’t yet signed on, I highly encourage you to join us in doing so! The deadline is tomorrow, Friday the 24th. Here’s a link to the letter: Also, please contact your colleagues in other states and through your own networks and ask them to let their congressional delegations know how important HOME is. We have heard repeatedly from our congressional staff and through some of our national networks that other state delegations have not heard a significant outcry against the proposed cuts. For more information and resources, please visit the HOME Coalition’s website.


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