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Home Buyout by Airport as Jet Noise Pollutes Neighborhoods

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The Burlington International Airport offered to buy homes in close proximity of the airport due to the noise from jets. However, some homeowners fear that they might not be able to sell their homes due to South Burlington’s fight against buyouts in order to maintain affordable housing.

The airport voluntarily plans to buy 39 more homes as part of its buyout plan. However, there is currently tension between the airport, South Burlington and the Federal Aviation Association.

Since the late 1990s, Burlington International Airport has bought more than 150 homes, demolishing 100 of them. At this time, the airport also created a map indicating more neighborhoods that would be affected by the noise.

The city of South Burlington is fighting back as the airport is asking them to readjust their zoning regulations to require people who are building homes to upgrade their noise resistance in their homes.

Additionally, residents of South Burlington fear their community with be disrupted with the continued buyout.

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