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Green Mountain Care Board Approval of All-Payer Model Supports Continuation of Successful SASH Progr

Support And Services at Home (SASH), a statewide, housing- based care management model which serves as an extension of the Blueprint for Health, is proud to announce its ongoing funding as a result of today’s decision by the Green Mountain Care Board to approve the All-Payer Model. As a Medicare demonstration, SASH® funding was due to expire at the end of 2016 along with the Blueprint for Health Medicare funding. State and local officials advocated strongly not to let this happen. Over the past 5 years SASH has become a nationally recognized model; using the home as a hub for health care coordination and evidence-based programs. SASH serves over 5,000 Medicare eligible adults and employs approximately 150 full and part-time care coordinators and nurses through housing organizations, home health agencies and hospitals to provide care management and coordinated services to Vermonters at home. The program has demonstrated improved population health while slowing Medicare expenditures by over $1500 per person per year according to a rigorous 3-year independent evaluation of SASH. Read more about what the All-Payer model will mean for SASH here

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