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Great Falls Food Hub receives $25,000 grant

Source:, April 6, 2011 “WESTMINSTER—The Great Falls Food Hub (GFFH) recently received a $25,000 grant from the John Merck Fund that will further help it to advance its mission of developing a regional food center and distribution system. The John Merck Fund has been a supporter of other regional food system projects in Vermont, and has recently expanded is funding of local food projects across New England. Also, John Ryan, a consultant with Development Cycles, will conduct a feasibility study for GFFH for the project. “We are particularly happy to have a consultant of John’s background and expertise,” said Carl Mailler, GFFH Project Coordinator, “and feel that he will greatly help us move toward our goal of making locally-produced foods available and affordable in southern Vermont and New Hampshire while providing a fair return to farmers.” The Great Falls Food Hub is a project of Post Oil Solutions, in partnership with Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA). The Food Hub’s purpose is to support local agriculture in the Vermont counties of Windham and Windsor, as well as Sullivan and Cheshire counties in New Hampshire through the creation of services and facilities that will support farmers and food producers. This may include a licensed, commercial-sized processing kitchen that will accommodate value-added, incubator, commercial, and educational activities; dry, cold and frozen storage facilities for ingredients and retail-ready products; a regional distribution system for fresh, stored, and value added local food products; and a retail outlet of its own. Through this variety of services and facilities, the Food Hub hopes to provide locally and regionally produced food to institutions, such as schools and hospitals, as well as retail stores (including the Hub’s), food co-ops and restaurants…” Full Story: Great Falls Food Hub receives $25,000 grant PDF of Story: Great Falls Food Hub receives $25,000 grant

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