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FHLB AHP Application Webinars

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston has approximately $16.5 million available as grants and interest-rate subsidy to support the production and preservation of affordable housing initiatives.

The AHP application round opens on July 17. The round closes on September 6.

For those interested in applying for AHP funding this year, the trainings offer valuable information to help developers and sponsors with their funding applications.

For lenders, FHLB Boston also has webinars focused on member financial institutions’ role in the AHP. For more information on the AHP, visit the FHLB Boston’s website and attend a training.

Here are the registration links:

Vermont: June 21

Members’ Only Webinars: August 24

AHP Application webinars: May 30 and June 27

AHP Webinar for Rental Applications: July 19

AHP Webinar for Homeownership Applications: August 2


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