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Feds Say Vt. Spent Stimulus Funds Well

Source: VPR News, 7/27/11, by John Dillon “(Host) The Shumlin Administration says the federal government gave the state high marks for how it used stimulus funds on energy projects. Vermont got about $31 million to reduce energy consumption and develop renewable resources. The state Department of Public Service dispensed some of those funds in grants to schools and towns. Elizabeth Miller is commissioner of the department of Public Service, the state agency that served as the conduit for the funds. (Miller) “I think it’s a story of a stimulus program working, not just now but working for our future, reinvesting as the program was intended to. And Vermont workers here in state government and towns around the state really doing a great job to get these programs not just off the ground, but completed.” (Host) Tim McKay from Peacham said his community used the money to retrofit the town hall and town garage to make them more energy efficient. (McKay) So we’re going to be able to save somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 a year in energy costs. In a town of 700 people, to come up with $25 or $30,000 to do this kind of work without a grant just doesn’t happen. So the grant provides a great stimulus to do that.” (Host) So far, the state has awarded about $13 million.” Full Story: Feds Say Vt. Spent Stimulus Funds Well

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