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Emergency Housing Update – 12/15-12/16

Emergency Housing Update -12/15 – 12/16

Good afternoon, everyone, As you are no doubt aware, there are extreme wind chills forecasted for tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. During instances like this, we all worry about the warmth and safety of vulnerable Vermonters. As you know, across the state there are individuals currently under a period of ineligibility and who consequently cannot access emergency housing through the General & Emergency Assistance Program. This period of ineligibility is set in rule and applies to people in a variety of circumstances. Because of the extreme weather conditions we anticipate developing and because of concerns that most shelters will be at capacity, DCF is relaxing the Period of Ineligibility for tonight and tomorrow night (12/15 and 12/16). If there are Vermonters under a period of ineligibility who have no other place to stay, they can appear at their local ESD District Office today or call VT 2-1-1 after hours to be housed during this short duration. Please note that the exception to this decision pertains to individuals currently ineligible due to either violent or destructive behavior; clients in those categories are still subject to the Period of Ineligibility. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, or if there are specific individuals or situations you wish to discuss. Thank you for all you do to help Vermonters every day. Best, Geoffrey T. Pippenger General and Emergency Assistance Program Director Economic Services Division Department for Children & Families cell: 802-798-2154 desk: 802-241-0637

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