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Demographic and Economic Data Tool from Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s New England City Data tool provides easy-to-access demographic and economic data.  This tool offers data for every county with a population of 4,000 or greater within each of the six New England states. You can compare data among cities, states, the region, Congressional districts, and more.  With the U.S. Census website being offline due to the shutdown, this may be a particularly helpful resource. In developing this tool, the Boston Fed had in mind the needs of a variety of data consumers, ranging from national think tanks to local community development leaders. Consider some of the possibilities the tool enables:

  1. A legislator might use it to gain a better understanding of the demographics of constituents and their potential needs

  2. A researcher might use the underlying data to analyze economic and social conditions in cities

  3. A nonprofit could gather information for grant applications

  4. A funder could better understand the locales it serves and target investments

  5. Residents could learn more about the places they live

Check it out at  For more information click here (PDF).


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