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Coalition on Human Needs Seeks Help From Vermont with Federal Budget Letter

The Coalition on Human Needs is urging groups to sign the SAVE for All federal budget letter. They have 8 signers so far from Vermont so far, but are hoping for more. The deadline for signing the letter is this Today (March 20), but they can manage to incorporate names if they have them by Monday March 23rd. Thanks to those from Vermont who have already signed on: Hunger Free Vermont RuralEdge Southeastern Vermont Community Action Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition Vermont Community Action Partnership Vermont Energy Investment Corporation Voices for Vermont’s Children Westgate Housing Inc. Read more information from the Coalition on Human Needs below and learn how you can help:

This week’s release of the House Budget Committee budget resolution shows how important it is for human needs advocates to speak with a clear voice against proposals to block grant and slash Medicaid and SNAP, cut domestic and international discretionary spending by $759 billion below sequestration levels over 10 years while increasing defense by $387 billion over the same period, continue to refuse to fix the SSDI shortfall, let the improvements to the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit expire (pushing more than 16 million people either into poverty or more deeply into poverty), and get to a balanced budget wholly through spending cuts that will be inflicted VERY disproportionately on low-income people. Instead of raising revenues from fair sources, the budget specifies tax cuts overwhelmingly benefiting the rich worth at least about $1.5 trillion. The Senate Budget Committee’s resolution looks similar in many respects, although apparently cutting somewhat less. It would cut domestic discretionary programs such as education, Head Start, WIC, etc., $236b more deeply than sequestration cuts over 10 years (instead of the House’s cut of $759 billion). It also would repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut basic safety net programs. SAVE’s letter calls for very different priorities. The summary and text are below. If you work with an organization that could sign the letter, please know that your signature is an important way to show support for human needs priorities. Congregations, parent groups, service providers, businesses or others would be great additions. And whether or not your organization can sign, if you know of others you think we should contact, that would be a tremendous help. If you’d like to talk about this, please call me at 202-223-2532 x111, or email

To read the full letter click here.

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