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Change in national fire code could add costs to Vermont projects

By Hilary Niles. Reposted from, July 5, 2013 “The state’s fire code is updated about every six years to keep pace with standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. Whereas the old code referred vaguely to an “adequate” water supply being available and provided no more than guidelines for determining adequacy, changes adopted in 2012 specify exactly how much water is required for every size and type of building. A wood-frame building between 0 and 3,600 square feet, for example, must have access to a two-hour flow of 1,500 gallons of water per minute. ‘Do that math!’ exclaimed Bill Bissell, the electrical and fire protection engineer hired to design the sprinkler system for the East Montpelier school. It’s Bissell who’s trying to get word to his colleagues around the state that the recent revisions carry potentially major implications.” Link to Full VTDigger Article  View PDF of Full VTDigger Article

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