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CBPP Webinar, Tuesday, January 29: What does the next stage of the federal budget battle mean for lo

Reposted from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. With the recent “fiscal cliff” budget deal and the agreement to “suspend” the debt ceiling until mid-May, the President and Congress are now moving to the next stage of the fight over federal budget priorities and deficit reduction: the deep, across-the-board cuts in federal programs (“sequestration”) that are now scheduled to occur on March 1 and the extension of fiscal year 2013 funding for low-income housing and other discretionary (i.e., annually funded) programs, which will otherwise expire on March 27. To help advocates and other stakeholders to better understand the current state of play and what’s at stake for low-income housing and community development, CBPP will hold a free webinar. When: 3:00 pm (EST), Tuesday, January 29. To register for this webinar, click HERE

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