Burlington City Council votes unanimously to add affordable housing legislation to ballot

Source: Burlington Free Press, January 25, by Joel Banner Baird. “…Housing discussion Earlier in the evening, the council unanimously approved a resolution that urged the Legislature to protect affordable housing from rapid shifts to “market” listings. The advisory measure was triggered in part by concerns over the expiration of a contract that has limited rents at Wharf Lane Apartments for 30 years — and which threaten its 44 tenants with eviction after March. One of those tenants, April Wilber, who has been disabled from birth, told the council that she had hoped to put her years on the street behind her. “I worked very hard to get where I am today,” she said. “We’re not bad people. We’re just in bad spots. Not everybody’s got money. Please think about it. I’m done with the street. I want a home.” Julie Lowell, a case manager at Burlington’s Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS), told the council that those evictions would have “a ripple effect” on the greater community, as those tenants join an ever-growing waiting list for less-than-market-rate housing. South Burlington-based Pizzagalli Properties, Wharf Lane’s owners, has had the property appraised at $4.8 million — $1.3 million more than an amount tendered by Burlington Housing Authority. Negotiations are under way between the two parties, Lowell said.” Link to Story: Burlington City Council votes to put tax increase on ballot. PDF of Story: Burlington City Council votes to put tax increase on ballot.

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