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Become a Friend of Rural America

Rural America needs friends in small towns and cities across this country, individuals who are willing to speak up for rural people and places, and ask their family, friends and co-workers to speak up too.  Check out this campaign from Rural America working to increase awareness of the needs of those in rural areas:

Rural people and places don’t get the attention and respect they deserve from our nation’s private and public leaders and it’s getting worse. Ten thousand voices speaking together could change that. Won’t you add yours? 10,000 Friends of Rural America is sponsored by a coalition of 25 rural nonprofits and supporters. It is designed to mobilize as many individuals and organizations as possible–at least 10,000– willing to speak up for the real Rural America; what its communities contribute to the country and why it makes sense for corporations, foundations and government to invest in Rural America’s future. Please visit, watch the video, read the message and join. It doesn’t cost anything and takes just a couple of minutes. It’s all available in Spanish too. Then reach out to your friends, family and co-workers from every corner of the country and ask them to join and recruit others. Adding your name means you support our efforts to shine a light on the issues rural people and places face. Acting together, speaking in one voice, we can capture the attention of our nation’s leaders and motivate them to give Rural America a fair shake. So please act now. Ten thousand voices are difficult to ignore and Rural America needs Friends like you.

For more information, and to add your own name, visit Rural America’s website.

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Please visit our new Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont website at!

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