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2017 Tri-State Housing Managers Conference Registration Open

We are excited to announce the online registration for the 2017 Tri-State Housing Managers Conference is now open.  The Tri-State planning committee has been working hard to put a full line of training topics together for you and we hope that everyone will be able to attend.  Please use the following link to register for the conference.  The deadline for registration is Monday, September 25, 2017.

Please note that hotel reservations need to be made separately by calling the hotel directly.  The information is also on the registration website.  Hotel reservations must be made by September 24, 2017.


VHMA promotes educational opportunities for its members, and does not want to turn anyone away who has difficulty affording quality training.  Therefore, every year VHMA offers scholarships to support members to attend VHMA trainings or conferences.

A VHMA member may request a scholarship for this conference.  All requests will be reviewed by the executive committee and responded to within a timely manner.  Scholarships shall be granted in the range of $50-$450.

Criteria taken into consideration during review will be: • Active or inactive membership                                                             • Total requests received from the same organization • Length of membership with VHMA                                                      • Size of company • Amount of request                                                                                 • Number of requests for given event • Total requests received for the given year                                          • VHMA financial position

Please forward your written requests for consideration to Iris Gilbert via email at

Requests must be received no later than September 1, 2017

We hope to see you all at the conference!!!!


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