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2 Vermont Mobile Home Parks Reel After Notice of Sale

Residents of St. George Villa in St. George and Sunset Lake Villa in Hinesburg recently received letters notifying them of the owner’s intent to sell the parks. According to state law, residents have the first chance to purchase the park for themselves and form a cooperative, or with the help of a designated nonprofit organization. Arthur Hamlin, Housing Program Coordinator at the Department of Housing & Community Development, made sure to emphasize that this was by no means a reason for residents to fear the loss of their homes.

“I know they’re really anxious when they get that sale notice, bu it is a sale notice, and not a closing notice,” Hamlin said.

The residents fear that if they are not allowed to remain in their homes, they may not be able to afford the cost of moving to a new home, or may not be able to find an empty lot at another park.

Read more about the potential sale of St George and Sunset Lake Villas from WPTZ.


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