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VAHC is committed to the belief that the affordable housing crisis impacts all of us. Throughout the year VAHC intentionally strives to extend our network beyond the housing sector to include individuals from across our community. These efforts not only highlight the truth of the universality of this crisis, but it also creates an opportunity for the voice of every Vermonter to be heard at the tables where change is being worked on every single day. 


With the continued spread of COVID-19 variants, and in an effort to accommodate more Vermonters, VAHC is moving it’s #housed802 Community Meeting initiative online. As the Housing Crisis continues to affect more and more Vermont residents from the unhoused to families that simply cannot find any housing to rent or buy in an affordable fashion, VAHC wants to incorporate all voices at our table. Over the next several months, these meetings will work to meet three objectives:


  1. Education: Through short presentations from Coalition members, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about some of VAHC’s most important legislative priorities, how those policies would effect them if enacted, and receive real-time updates about how these priorities are advancing in the State House

  2. Discussion: A large portion of these community  meetings will consist of an open discussion to talk about these legislative priorities and for attendees to give their input and even offer suggestions about these issues. 

  3. Advocacy: Attendees will have the opportunity to organize next steps, band together, and reach out to their representatives regarding affordable housing issues.

Please visit our new Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont website at!

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