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Full Funding for VHCB


As we always do, VAHC supports maximum funding for VHCB. The realities of the Real Estate Market this year increases the full amount VHCB is able to received, and so we call for the allotment of their full share of PTT of $30 Million.


Tax Credit Expansion


Last year the expansion of the affordable housing tax credit in order to fund the Manufactured Homes Project was proposed to be made possible through the imposition of a surcharge on the property change tax. After two failed legislative actions, it is being proposed to be included in the budget. VAHC calls for this allocation to be approved, in order to help improve and expand upon this critical component of Vermont’s affordable housing stock.  


Support & Services at Home


Support & Services at Home (SASH) is a dynamic and dramatically life changing program, born in Vermont, that is now even being replicated in other States. Since its establishment in 2011 the program has served over 9,000 older Vermonters and Vermonters with disabilities, increasing their ability to maintain housing through outreach, coaching, and care coordination. The statewide infrastructure component of SASH relies on funding from the Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living (DAIL). We call for level funding from DAIL for SASH so that training, data analysis, quality control, and technical assistance for this important work can continue.

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