Voices of Decker Towers

About Decker Towers

Decker Towers is home to more than 160 households. It is the largest building in Vermont, and accordingly has a large and thriving community inside its walls. From the 10th floor community room, there are astounding vistas of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. Despite its great assets, this is a commonly misunderstood community, often portrayed as poor and crime ridden, with little of value to add to the community. Decker Towers residents are pushing back against these characterizations, determined to show the greater Burlington community that they are engaged citizens with talents and dreams of their own. Within these walls, the residents share a common understanding of just what it means to have a home. Many have faced homelessness, struggled with unemployment, and grapple with disabilities, but find in their neighbors a deep compassion and empathy for each other's pasts. Yes, they may have low incomes, but they are Burlingtonians all the same. 

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