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Listen to the unique stories from Vermont's affordable housing communities.


French Brandon

Decker Towers, Burlington, VT

James Gero

James Gero

189 Pine St., Burlington, VT


Bunny Beard

3 Cathedral Square, Burlington, VT


Laura Alger

Development Assistant, DREAM

About us

Voices of Home is a storysharing project dedicated to promoting the voices of Vermont's affordable housing residents. We aim to erase the stigma surrounding affordable housing communities and educate our friends and neighbors about the incredible importance of stable, reasonably priced homes in helping people live fulfilling lives. These stories are those of your own communities and the people who live in them.

We spoke with a community that empowers people who need some extra help with their daily routine to maintain their independence.


Our resident organizing work has let us get to know the residents at Burlington's Decker Towers. Listen to voices of a home that for many carries a heavy stigma.

Coming Soon: Voices of Randolph

There are a number of great places for low income for Vermonters to live in Randolph that provide some innovative solutions to common problems. We spoke to some of the residents there to find out how they like their home.

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