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Groundbreaking Celebration Announced for August 12th

(Category: Announcement. Added/revised: Aug 4, 2014.)

Dubie reconfirms meeting with affordable housing & homeless advocates

(Category: Coalition News. Added/revised: Sep 18, 2010.)

dubie cancels meeting with affordable housing and homeless advocates at last minute

(Category: Coalition News. Added/revised: Sep 17, 2010.)

Vt. landlords defend state's high rents

(Category: Affordability. Added/revised: Apr 29, 2010.)

Squeeze: High rents, low wages

(Category: Housing Wages. Added/revised: Apr 29, 2010.)

HUD and Treasury Seek Input on the Future of the Housing Finance System

(Category: HUD. Added/revised: Apr 26, 2010.)

HUD Considers Introduction of Small Area Fair Market Rents

(Category: HUD. Added/revised: Apr 26, 2010.)

HUD Seeking Input on FY11 Research Agenda

(Category: HUD. Added/revised: Apr 26, 2010.)

NLIHC Preservation Guide Now Available

(Category: HUD. Added/revised: Apr 26, 2010.)

Barre council seeks housing fix

(Category: Landlord/Tenant Laws. Added/revised: Apr 23, 2010.)

HUD sponsored HEARTH / HMIS Training Conference

(Category: Announcement. Added/revised: Apr 22, 2010.)

Rural Americans Strained by Transportation Costs

(Category: Affordability. Added/revised: Apr 22, 2010.)

2011 Budget: Cutting the Commitment to Vermonters

(Category: Budget. Added/revised: Apr 22, 2010.)

EPA lead paint laws take effect today

(Category: Code Enforcement. Added/revised: Apr 22, 2010.)

Vt. ranks low in rent affordability

(Category: Coalition News. Added/revised: Apr 22, 2010.)

Mobile Home Project Wins Service Learning Award

(Category: Mobile Home Parks. Added/revised: Apr 21, 2010.)

HEARTH Definition of Homelessness Proposed Rule Published April 20, 2010

(Category: Homelessness. Added/revised: Apr 20, 2010.)

Vermont public-housing agencies to receive HUD funds

(Category: Federal Funding. Added/revised: Apr 20, 2010.)

Homelessness proves to be vexing problem

(Category: Homeless Shelters. Added/revised: Apr 20, 2010.)

RFP for DOC Transitional Housing

(Category: Transitional Housing. Added/revised: Apr 19, 2010.)