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Updated Information on the Green Mountain Power Energy Assistance Program

Posted October 19, 2015

Here is updated information regarding the Green Mountain Power Energy Assistance Program. These changes were approved by the Public Service Board.

  1. Rate payers got a credit on their October bill
  2. The monthly fee for the Energy Assistance Program was reduced for rate payers
  3. The Energy Assistance Program now has a “rolling arrears” forgiveness component. Applicants who are applying for the FIRST TIME and have never been enrolled in EAP can apply and be found eligible for arrears forgiveness. There is no time limit on this. This component will stay in place until the allotted funds ($450,000) are exhausted.

How do customers apply?

Online: go to and print and application
Phone: call the Utility Discount Eligibility Unit (UDEU) at 1-800-775-0516 and request an application
Person: get an application at the local Economic Services Office or through a Community Partner such as Community Action or the Area Agency on Aging

Applicants must fill out an application, sign it and send in a copy of their GMP bill. ESD will process the application, give the information to GMP who will apply the arrears and discount if eligible. The discount is monthly 25% off the first 600 KwH used.

Please contact if you have questions or need applications in your offices.


Energy Assistance Programs for Green Mountain Power and Vermont Gas Systems Customers

Posted September 2, 2014

Both Green Mountain Power and Vermont Gas Systems offer energy assistance programs for lower-income customers that can help in cutting down the cost of living. To find out more about each program, including income eligibility requirements and how to apply, click here. To download informational flyers for distribution (PDF format) click here (VGS) and here (GMP).

Also, Green Mountain Power will forgive arrears (under certain conditions) for first time members of the energy assistance program if the application is received between October 1st and December 31st ONLY. To find out more about this special program click here (DOC format).

Energy assistance programs like these help make the overall cost of housing more affordable, especially in the upcoming fall/winter months. If you have any questions or need help applying please contact 1-800-775-0516.

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